Case Study

iOS/Android Application: Danfoss

I and another UX'er designed a cross-platform mobile application for use at industry trade shows. We helped nail down a feature set that shifted well into the project, and collaborated closely with iOS and Android developers throughout.

Danfoss Trade Show App Screens

The home screen for authenticated users, and the trade show landing screen

My Part
The Challenge

Danfoss, an industrial machinery component manufacturer, wanted to create a mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms. The long view of the product was to be THE mobile app for access to all things Danfoss, but we need to identify the Minimum Viable Product that would make a splash for new users and meet a rather aggressive launch date (which coincided with one of the agricultural industry’s biggest industry trade shows).

Danfoss partnered with The Nerdery to get an app that could support the trade show experience and provide a great first impression of Danfoss, but that could also evolve with the developing mobile strategy and vision of the organization as a whole.

The Story

Due to the tight timeline and the wide range of proposed features that could constitute the MVP, we planned the project to include a huge amount of collaboration between the user experience and development teams. The project’s development lead was involved throughout the discovery phase of the project, so that every feature idea could immediately pass through the important filters of feasibility and projected development effort.

We also spent time defining the different audiences that might use the app. How might the experience differ for a Danfoss sales rep, as opposed to a customer who had an existing relationship with Danfoss, or someone who had just learned about Danfoss for the very first time? Supporting the sales process was a must, so our initial feature discovery included research into the possibilities of integrating with Salesforce.

Danfoss Trade Show App Wireframes

Wireframe flows for sales contact process

But in addition to generating leads, we wanted to create a memorable Danfoss experience for any attendee. This involved thinking critically about the physical spaces and situations where attendees might interact with Danfoss: at whitepaper presentations by Danfoss employees, and at the Danfoss booth. In the former case, we provided app access to all the whitepapers that were presented at the show, with an additional wrinkle. Whitepaper presenters promoted their work as available for download in the app, and they also provided a four-digit code to their audiences, so that they could access the materials before they were released to the public at large. The app also was designed to include a calendar with details about all the Danfoss-related presentations and events at the show.

We also knew we had to do something special with the booth experience. After some guided feature brainstorming sessions, we arrived at an augmented reality-inspired experience where attendees could scan images posted around the showroom floor that, once all were scanned, would qualify them for a prize drawing. This provided the innovative feel that Danfoss wanted in the app, while also winning one lucky attendee a free iPad.

Danfoss Trade Show App Screens

Trade show schedule screen & booth augmented reality challenge

The Results

Despite the project's tight deadline, the strong partnership between The Nerdery and the team at Danfoss helped us launch in time for the trade show deadline. Since the initial run at the trade show, we've partnered with Danfoss to enhance their app for upcoming trade shows, enhancing existing features and developing additional functionality.

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