Case Study

Responsive Website: Tastefully Simple

I led a team of four UX designers in a redesign of Our efforts included several user research methods, content strategy, responsive wireframes, and visual design, totaling more than 2,000 hours. Host Landing Page

A landing page on the redesigned site

My Part
  • UX Lead
  • Project planning
  • Peer review
  • Status meetings & presentations
  • Research & Discovery
  • Workshop planning & facilitation
  • Survey creation
  • Interview planning & facilitation
  • Usability test planning & facilitation
  • Information Architecture
  • Process flows
  • Wireframes & interaction design
The Challenge

Tastefully Simple is a direct sales company that depends on home parties to sell their products, but their website wasn’t doing a good enough job of communicating the party experience. We redesigned the site with a few key goals in mind: to emphasize the party experience, introduce a number of new features, and make the website a joy to use on mobile devices. We conducted discovery workshops with business stakeholders to define these goals and specific metrics to measure success.

The most important goal was to live up to the expectations of their fiercely loyal audience. Tastefully Simple has a network of thousands of consultants nationwide, and many more party hosts and guests. A successful redesign meant developing a deep understanding of the Tastefully Simple audience.

The Story

We created separate surveys for the consultant audience and the guest/host audience, and ended up receiving almost 50,000 total responses thanks to the great distribution channels in place. But our goal was to balance great quantitative data with qualitative methods. Numbers can tell you what’s happening, but not why. So we also conducted dozens of interviews with active consultants and Tastefully Simple employees from nearly every department in the organization.

Finally, we went to parties to observe the actual party environment and the nature of the interactions between guests, hosts and the consultant. We documented our research in a report that included profiles of each main user role, a journey map as people transition from guest to host to consultant, and content strategy recommendations for the new website. Insights Document Sample

Motivations and concerns of party guests based on survey responses & interview data

With valuable research insights and design recommendations in tow, we worked with Tastefully Simple stakeholders and development leads to finalize the feature set and pave the way for information architecture and interaction design. We created wireframes to show both desktop and mobile layouts of content to fully communicate the experience.

Early Wireframe Example

An early annotated wireframe showing a desktop orientation

After visual styles were applied, this effort culminated in a responsive prototype created by our front-end development team. We did usability testing on both desktop and mobile devices with Tastefully Simple customers to ensure that we were achieving our original goals, and to find ways to further improve the design.

The Results
Mobile Page Exaples

The responsive host landing page and product detail page

The investment in up-front research and discovery on this project resulted in invaluable insights into the behaviors, motivations and goals of Tastefully Simple audiences. The resulting design was one that could then support those behaviors and spur people along their journey with relevant features and messaging. And by tying metrics to design goals, we were able to develop a clear picture from the beginning of what success would look like. Since launch, the site has performed very favorably against metrics related to mobile traffic, year-over-year party sales and total eCommerce revenue.

This project was a milestone for the Tastefully Simple organization, and the relationship between Tastefully Simple and The Nerdery is ongoing.

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